Ancient Aliens and the Mahabharata

In the most recent episode of The History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” series of documentaries, entitled “Aliens and Deadly Weapons”, we see some examples of how ancient cultures received, and made use of, weapons and tools the like of which had never been seen before – most of which we take for granted these days. It delves into the history of fire, including the ‘gift’ of Greek Fire, handed to Emperor Constantine of Rome in the 4th Century A.D. by, as he claimed, ‘angels in the sky’. It also discusses some of history’s most famous weapons, many of which were claimed to have ‘magical’ properties and how Hannibal the Conqueror used chemical weapons hundreds of years even before the invention of gunpowder.

Forum in Rome

But it is not these particular topics that I wish to discuss here. It is the last topic which the programme examines, that of the Indian Sanskrit epic Mahabharata, that I will focus on.

The Mahabarata, at roughly 100,000 stanzas, is rather long so I won’t punish you by reciting the whole thing. Here is an excellent explanation I found that describes it perfectly without going into the intricate detail:

“It has been called the national epic of India, and it is that, in very much the same sense that the Illiad is the national epic of Classical Greece. The Mahabharata is the story of a great war that ended one age and began another. The story has been passed down to us in a classical canon of Sanskrit verses some 100,000 stanzas long; that’s about 12 times the length of the Western Bible. The best scholarly evidence indicates that the earliest layers of the epic were composed between 2500 and 3000 years ago. The text had reached pretty much its present form by about 300-400 C.E. “

So what’s so special about this I hear you ask? Well, as described in this weeks episode, the Mahabharata is filled with tales of flying vehicles, powerful lasers, homing missiles, motion detection weapons, heat seeking missiles, cluster bombs, nerve gas, cloaking technology and even nuclear bombs! Not that they are named as such, more that their effects are described in great detail giving one the strong impression that they are talking of weapons and systems that we use today. Modern scholars claim that these are fantasies, stories concocted by people hundreds of years ago describing fictional things and attributing them to a point further in the past, trying to pass them off as genuine ancient artefacts.

My question is this – regardless of when it was written, whether it be hundreds or even thousands of years ago, how could they possibly imagine the use of many of the machines and weapons so carefully and intricately described within the texts? The text talks of flying battles between craft that sound an awful lot like our modern descriptions of UFOs. Not only that, but the text includes detailed diagrams of many of the machines and weapons, right down to the power systems, types of materials used and destructive capability.

How is this possible? Is this just a case of pure fantasy written fictionally to entertain people or even clever forgery – and if so, how were these people able to envisage such futuristic objects and events in such detail? Or is it as it seems, a first hand account of futuristic machines and battles taking place deep in our past? In my view, while I hesitate to jump to the conclusion that “aliens did it”,  I must admit the idea makes more sense to me than to believe that ancient people knew how to build flying machines and WMDs without help from a much more advanced culture akin that of our modern day.


I Don’t Know…..Therefore Aliens!

Throughout the ages, stories have filtered through to our modern day from the annuls of history that are classified as ‘mythology’ or ‘legend’. Usually containing tales of magical happenings, great battles of gods and great civilisations that existed in pre-history, these are passed off as no more than fantasy by most main stream authorities and the general public. Yet could there be any truth to them? Could the Greek philosopher Plato’s story of Atlantis and it’s great civilisation have actually existed? Were the Egyptian ‘Gods’ of old just mere mortal men who did great deeds, or were they perhaps extraterrestrials in clever disguise? How did mere humans manage to built some of the greatest monuments in human history, like the Egyptian Pyramids or Stonehenge, using only primitive tools?

Stonehenge, England

Ever since the famous author Erich von Daniken published his book “Chariots of the Gods” in 1970, the subject of aliens having interacted with and influenced Earth’s past has been a hotly debated topic. Supporters of these theories accuse sceptics of covering up our true human history whilst the sceptics claim the believers are, to put it bluntly, a little ‘loopy’.

I have found, throughout my travels and research into these topics, that there is very rarely a middle ground. What if there is a kernel of truth behind these myths and legends? Could it be possible that, rather than being assigned to myth, that some of these events actually happened as they are written or spoken of? As I have continued researching the subject, I have formed my own opinions on the validity of many of these theories and I wholeheartedly believe that many stories that we deem to be ‘myth’ are, in fact, based on reality. Not only that, but I believe that many of our worlds oldest great monuments were built, not using primitive copper and stone tools and slave labour, but with help from an ‘outside’ and possibly even extraterrestrial origin.

In this blog, I will seek to examine many of these theories, judging their truthfulness according to my own thoughts and feelings on the matter. The aim is to encourage YOU, the reader, to engage in intelligent discussion regarding these fascinating topics and my opinions of them – and who knows….perhaps we might even manage to solve some of the worlds greatest mysteries!

Why on Earth am I talking about this nonsense?

As a young child, I remember being allowed to stay up late to watch Star Wars when it came on television. The stories of galaxies far, far away, the idea of interstellar space travel and visiting alien worlds and the thought of a universe generously populated with colourful and wondrous alien civilisations set me on a life-long path of research and discovery on the subject of the universe and our place in it.

Alongside this I have also developed a fascination of human history – I watch just about every historical documentary that I can get my hands on, but in particular I enjoy reading about mythology and legends. I have researched everything from tales of Atlantis to the stories of the Greek Gods through to folk legends of gnomes living under a mountain in Germany – pretty much anything I could get my hands on that tweaked my interest in the weird and the unknown.

Over time and after countless hours of researching this material, I began to ask myself – could some of these legends and myths from our history actually have some truth in them? Could stories, passed down from generation to generation from deep in our history, that have been passed off as fiction or fantasy, actually have a basis in reality? As I researched into these ideas, I found I was not alone in my thinking and that the rabbit hole went even deeper than that – with some people even theorising that perhaps some events in human history may have been influenced by aliens from another world! This set my pulse racing, what an idea! The marriage of my two favourite subjects! I was in dreamland all over again, sucking up any and all information I happened to stumble across that dealt with this topic.

This does not mean, however, that I blindly accept every alternative theory as being fact, not at least before researching the subject in depth myself and looking at multiple points of view. I have found, throughout my travels with this subject, that the views are generally polar opposites – either you agree completely with the theories or you do not, with no in between. What if the truth is somewhere in the middle? That is what this blog will aim to achieve – presentation of evidence for and against the various alternative theories of our long history and my own opinions on them, with the hope of promoting intelligent discussion about what I consider to be an important and serious topic.

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